Floral Park Memorial High School

Mr. Pokojny, Science Teacher

Living Environment 2012-13


Dear Student and Parent/Guardian,

          Please read the material outlined below and sign your name in the space provided. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at kpokojny@sewanhaka.k12.ny.us. or (516) 488-6597



You will need to bring the following to class everyday:

  • a RED three ring loose-leaf binder
  • pens and pencils
  • calculator as needed

Your responsibilities include:

  • attending class/lab on a daily basis
  • bring all necessary materials to class every day
  • arriving to class on time and being ready to work
  • handing in work on time
  • seeking help when needed
  • completing all work, even when absent


Best time to contact me:

Textbook: The Living Environment by Glencoe

                       *to be left at home for homework and study resource



Tests: 60%

          Tests will be given at the end of every chapter or based upon my discretion.  There will be at least two days prior notification to all tests. Tests will consist of “state standard” type multiple choice and free response questions.  You will be warranted the full period to take the test.

          If you miss a test due to an absence, a parent or doctor’s note is needed to take a make-up test.  It is your responsibility to set up an appropriate time to take the make-up test.  You will have two days to take it after returning from the absence.  It is your responsibility to find me.  If the test is not taken, you will receive a failing grade.


Quizzes: 10%

          There will be pop quizzes throughout the semester (about 1-2 per week). They are not announced. They will be given during the first few minutes of class. Being on time is essential.  They are no make-ups.  If you have an excused lateness or absence (note) the quiz will not count.  If you have an unexcused lateness or absence you will receive a failing grade.  I do drop at least one lowest quiz grade.


Labs: 10%

          Labs will be assigned upon discretion.  They are to be handed in complete and on time. To pass the class 30 labs (4 mandatory) must be completed to take the Regents examination at the end of the year.


Fun: 10%

          Written homework will be assigned approximately four times per week and will include answering questions from the textbook, completing worksheets and other types of writing assignments.  Written homework must be completed and brought to class the next day unless otherwise indicated.        If you are absent it is your responsibility to make-up all missed work. The homework is due the day you get back.  No excuses.  It will be posted on the school website.  If it is not done, a letter must be brought in explaining the circumstances for the missed work (not absence), if not you will receive a failing grade.


Classwork: 10%

          Every student will be called on and is expected to participate in all classroom activities.  This grade will be derived based on eagerness and willingness to become involved in the lesson.  This includes taking notes, speaking in class and coming up to the board.  Talking is only allowed when called upon.