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Homecoming Court
Student Activities Program
See Ms. Justin for Details!
Audio Tech Club - Mr. Graham
Big Brother/Big Sister - Ms. Stark and Ms. Going
Builders Club - Mr. McAllister
Business Honor Society - Ms. Baade
Cheerleading JHS - Ms. Ysabel
Chef Club - Jr. High - Ms. Nadasky and Mrs. McGarry
Chef Club - Sr. High - Ms. NAdasky and Mrs. McGarry
JH Choir - Ms. Kacharaba
Class of 2012 - Ms. McGarry and Ms. Mojocoa
Class of 2013 - Ms. Ysabel and Ms. Barchi
Class of 2014 - Mr. Nuara and Mr. Suckle
Class of 2015 - Ms. Cervoni and Ms. Proscio
Class of 2016 - Mr. Allen and Mr. Sweeney
Class of 2017 -
Computer Club - Ms. Lehmann
Dance Band - Mr. Henry
Dance Team - Ms. Perouse
SH Drama - Mr. McAllister and Ms. Lennon
JH Drama - Mr. McAllister and Mr. Suckle
FBLA - Mr. Russo
Global Links - Ms. Baade and Ms. Lunati
International Culture Club - Ms. Chin and Ms. Lazaridis
JH Jazz Band - Ms. Johnson
Jazz Choir - Ms. Kramer
Key Club - Mrs. Mc Garry and Ms. Nadasky
Key Builders- Ms Nadasky and Mrs. Mc Garry
Marching Band - Ms. Johnson
Math Honor Society - Ms. Mojocoa and Mr. Marino
Jr. Mathletes - Ms. Butler
Sr. Mathletes - Mr. Greco
Mock Trial - Ms. Riso
Model UN - Ms. Gilliam and Mr. Kohn
MSG Advisor - Ms. Gilliam
Musical Director - Ms. Kacharaba
National Art Honor Society - Ms. Nolan
National Senior Honor Society - Ms. Giorgio
National Junior Honor Society - Mr. Doupe
Newspaper - Ms. Harley
Portfolio Prep Club - Mr. Yee
SADD - Ms. Gilliam
Science Honor Society - Ms. LoPuzzo and Mr. Spinnato
Science Research - Ms. Carlson
Science Research, Jr High - Mr. Spinnato
Sparks - Ms. Torres
String Ensemble - Ms. Torres
Student Government - Ms. Justin
Tri-M National Music Honor Society - Ms. Kramer
Vocal Ensemble - Ms. Kramer
World Language Honor Society - Ms. Sorace and Ms. Del Rosario
World Language Teachers of Tomorrow - Ms. Charles and Mr. Veneroni
Yearbook - Ms. Marino