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The Visual Art programs of the Sewanhaka Central High School District encourage students to develop skills, create works of visual art, and study works of art within a historical and multicultural perspective. Our students will acquire the abilities to identify, interpret and evaluate works of art, investigate issues and questions concerning the nature and value of art. Beyond the building's mission statement and common core priorities, the Art department's goal is to provide an inspired, comprehensive education in the visual arts, while fulfilling the NYS Standards, and preparing serious visual art students for Advanced Placement coursework, portfolio development, possible scholarship opportunities, and Art college admission. Our teachers are highly qualified and extremely motivated art educators who are fully dedicated to providing the best education possible.

Rise of Sneaker Culture

Calling all sneaker heads! Check out The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum, before it's too late! This show will be on display until October 4th. You won't be sorry... bring proof of attendance to your Art teacher for extra credit!
I loved this exhibit! You'll see vintage Jordans, Nikes, Pumas, Vans, Cons, and more! 

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Mr. Christopher Yee
Chairperson of Art
Elmont Memorial HS