Welcome to H. Frank Carey High School's Special Education Department.

Welcome to the Special Education Department at H. Frank Carey High School!   Our department has a dedicated staff of teachers, teaching assistants, aides and an office assistant to help you and your child become successful academically and socially.
(516) 539-9432 
 Please call Jill Finkelstein, the Chairperson of Special Education, if you have any concerns regarding your child’s services or progress.   You may also reach any of the department’s teachers through our main number.

We feature a variety of services and programs to help your child succeed.  These include:
  • Resource Room – The Resource Room Program offers remedial instruction and support and the development of organizational skills for students who are otherwise fully mainstreamed, or in smaller classes.  The Resource Room teacher provides assistance in academic skills and provides compensatory strategies for students to circumvent their disabilities.  Progress is monitored on an ongoing basis and services are offered one period a day within small groups.   Students progressing in every day Resource Room may be moved into Alternate Days Support (every other day Resource Room) until services are no longer needed.



  • PALS (Promoting Academics through Life Skills) Program – This program is designed for students on the autism spectrum who need assistance in both academic and life skills.  It features an 8:1:2 staffing ratio.  Curriculum and instruction are based on individual needs and abilities and feature a combination of whole group, small group and individualized instruction.  The program stresses language and social skills and students have the opportunity to be mainstreamed when appropriate.  Pre-vocational training is done to ready the students for vocational training at the high school level.  The program culminates in an IEP Diploma.



  • Special Education Classes – This program provides special education instruction to students in major curricular areas of Science, Social Studies, Math and English.  Instruction includes remediation and mastery of basic skills.  In most cases, a teaching assistant is in the class.  Small group instruction is provided to a maximum of 15 students per class.  Course content of each credit bearing class is equivalent to courses in regular education and in no way precludes a student from receiving a high school diploma.



  • Transitional Program – This program is for students with average to high average intelligence who have severe depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and/or phobias.  These internal disorders significantly impact students’ ability to attend school and do well in school.  Intensive counseling is provided by a full time dedicated school psychologist along with psychiatric consultation by the district psychiatrist.  The program is currently available to district and out of district students as recommended by the CSE.  All students are interviewed before entering the program.



  • Regents Prep/English AIS – This course is designed for special education students who are at risk for failing the English Regents.  The curriculum incorporates the learning standards developed by the Regents and is designed to enhance writing skills.