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REGENTS REVIEW SESSIONS -- 11th Grade Students

Tues., May 10 - 2:50

Mr. Uliano

Room 223

Thurs., May 19 - 2:50

Ms. Graziosi

Room 242

Weds., May 25 - 2:50

Ms. Walsh

Room 223

Thurs.,  June 2 - 2:50

Ms. Crimmins

Room 226

Tues.,  June 7 - 2:50

Mr. Tsolekas

Room 235

English Department Mandated Texts, in alignment with our curriculum and the Common Core State Standards.


7th Grade

8th Grade

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

Mandated Shakespeare

Twelfth Night

Romeo and Juliet

Julius Caesar




Mandated Nonfiction

Warriors Don’t Cry

Flesh and Blood

The Color of Water

Fast Food


In Cold Blood


Mandated American/ World Literature

Slake's Limbo / Of Mice and Men

The Outsiders/

The Hunger Games

To Kill A Mockingbird/


Lord of the Flies/ Animal Farm

Scarlet Letter /

The Things They Carried

Silver Linings Playbook/ Catch 22

Mandated Drama

A Christmas Carol / The Million Pound Bank Note

The Diary of Anne Frank / The Hitchhiker

A Raisin in the Sun /

12 Angry Men

Death of a Salesman/ The Glass Menagerie

The Crucible/


A Streetcar Named Desire / A View From the Bridge