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AP Drawing

Welcome to Advanced Placement Drawing. This is a college level course were you are expected to produce college level work. Students will develop skills in a number of two-dimensional art forms: graphic design, typography, digital imagery, photography, collage, fabric design, illustration, painting and printmaking.  There must be a commitment to artistic excellence. Students that receive a score of three or more on the AP 2-Dimensional Design portfolio may be eligible to receive three college credits. Students must prepare and submit a portfolio of artwork to the AP College Board in May..



1.     A Sketchbook- spiral bound- minimum 8x10
2.     A Set drawing pencils and erasers- Staedtler
3.     A set of 24 Prisma colored pencils
4.     A 18 x 24 portfolio case- to store and transport work


AP Curriculum 

1.     Concentration – The students will choose a subject that they would like to explore in great depth. The students can pick a subject such as self-portraits and will draw them for the entire year. The students will be expected to complete one concentration every two week. At the end of the course the students should have 16 concentrations completed. This concentration is a strict independent study and will be done at home. 40% 

2.     Class work/Breadth– The breath potion of the AP portfolio is done in class. Students will be given various assignments and visual problems. The timeline on these projects will be one due every two week as well. 40%

3.     Test/Portfolio Preparation (digital upload, written commentary, matting).....10%

4.     Class Participation (ex: notebook, sketchbook, critique).................................10%