Grading Criteria

Department:Family and Consumer Sciences

Teacher:Ms. T. Leventelis

Course:Home and Careers

 Classroom Rules:

Ø All students must be in class on time.

Ø All students must be prepared for class.

Ø One person speaks at a time – Be respectful.

Ø All homework and classwork must be completed on time.

Ø All students must complete class requirements to pass.

Classroom Standards:

  1. Students must demonstrate respect for self and others by their actions everyday.
  2. Students must be already working before the late bell rings.
  3. Students must followall the rulesall the time.
  4. Students should take the initiative to ensure all class requirements are being fulfilled.

Material and Supplies:

Students must bring the following to class each day:

Ø Binder

Ø Pens and Pencils

ØLab Supplies (only during food labs)


Homework will be assigned 3-4 times per week or one assignment that will need to be worked on 3-4 times a week.


Grade Policy:

Ø Homework           10%

Ø Classwork            30%

Ø Tests/Quizzes       30%

Ø Projects                30%