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Business Communications emphasizes the importance of verbal and non-verbal communications. Students develop the writing, speaking, and presentation skills to be a success in any field.

Business Communications can be used for a business education sequence and/or a ½ credit of English by students pursuing an occupational education sequence. Back to Top

Learn and apply the fundamental principles of law that involve an individual’s personal and occupational life. With the use of the Internet, presentations from guest speakers, courtroom field observations and in-class mock trials and video cases, students will explore legal issues pertaining to contract law, crimes, torts, warranties, agents, landlord/tenant, court procedures, contract law, and corporate law. 

Juniors and Seniors enrolled in Business Law are also eligible to earn three college credits from  CW Post University at a fraction of the tuition cost!  Back to Top

College Accounting is designed to provide students with an overview of the complete accounting cycle.   Students are introduced to automated accounting through hands-on applications using the computer and general ledger software. 

Juniors and Seniors enrolled in College Accounting are eligible to earn six college credits from  CW Post University at a fraction of the tuition cost!  Back to Top

Tap into your creative mind and enhance your business management skills by enrolling in College Marketing while at the same time earn up to six college credits at a fraction of the tuition cost! 

Juniors and Seniors enrolled in College Marketing are eligible to earn six college credits from  CW Post University at a fraction of the tuition cost!  Back to Top

Want to learn how to design Web pages?  Students in Web Page Design learn how to design Web pages using HTML scripting language, FrontPage and Dreamweaver software, plus they will learn animation using FLASH.  

Students in grades 11-12 may earn 3 college credits from C.W. Post.


Students enrolled in Entrepreneurship will investigate the rewards and obstacles of becoming an entrepreneur and will learn how the Internet has influenced the success of many businesses.  Students develop business goals, create a business plan, develop advertising strategies, and design a website for a company of their choice. Student will also evaluate competitor's websites as well.  Back to Top

ThePersonal Financebusiness course elective will be offered to students in grades 11 and 12.  Students will have the opportunity to learn about planning their spending, identifying ways to obtain money for college, using checking accounts and on-line banking, using credit wisely and avoiding debt, purchasing insurance, renting an apartment, owning a home, buying a car, and saving and investing for the future so that a desired lifestyle and financial independence can be achieved.   Back to Top

Explore various career options, how to choose a career and to be successful in that chosen career.  Introduction to occupations teaches personal finance management including banking, investments, credit, insurance, and personal budgeting.  This is a mandated course for all Business sequences.  Back to Top 

Using Microsoft WORD, students learn proper keyboarding techniques and the formatting of documents including letters, memos, and term papers. Back to Top 

Computer Applications teaches students the entire MS Office suite. Students receive extensive training in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and MS publisher.

Students in grades 10-12 enrolled in Computer Applications may earn up to three college credits from CW Post University at a fraction of the tuition cost! Back to Top

This semester course will introduce students to the world of Sports Marketing. Products, name logo recognition, patents, copyrights, branding, trademarks, and its economic impact will be covered. The effect of the sports media will also be discussed among other things.

This semester course introduces students to travel, tourism, and amateur sports not associated with educational institutions. Students will also learn how businesses market music and theatre

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