Apprentice Project Group Questionnaire-Must be completed in your paper

  1. What is the product or service?
  2. What motivated you to create this good/service?
  3. Describe why you think people are going to purchase your good/service.
  4. How are you going to market this good/service?
  5. Describe some potential obstacles you might face if you were going to create this good/service.
  6. What points are you going to emphasize when marketing your product?
  7. What demographic are you going to focus on selling your product to?  Explain why you would target them.
  8. Describe how you would try to sell your product outside of your demographic.  

Economic Systems


Based on agriculture
Limited barter trade
Neolithic Civilizations
Early River Valley Civilizations



Based upon Supply and Demand
Usually focus on consumer goods
Little government control


Controlled by strong, centralized government
Usually focuses on industrial goods
Little attention paid to agriculture and consumer goods


Combination of Market and Command economic systems
Market forces control most consumer goods
Government directs industry in need areas.
Imagine that you are a Wall Street executive, administrator, CEO, etc.  Write a one page, double-spaced letter to the OWS protestors.  In this letter, describe how you are not the cause of the Recession, how you are an important aspect of the American economy, and how you are not an overly greedy person.  You may want to give them advice as to how they can find jobs and careers.  I want to see your opinions, but remember to be polite and to justify all of your points!