April is National Poetry Month!

Do you find writing to be difficult? Do you often have writer's block? Do you think that writing a poem seems impossible? Don't fret - borrow ideas and words from your favorite author to make your very own blackout poetry...


1.  Select a page from your favorite novel, non-fiction book, or even article.

2.  Make a photocopy of the page from the book or print a page from the article.

3.  Use a dark marker to make a box around words/phrases on the page that you would like to use for your "blackout poem."

4.  Shade any additional text in an artistic or creative manner to blackout the unwanted text and to make your poem stand out.

5.  Bring your poem to Ms. Fulgieri or Ms. Martinez to enter it into the contest!  We will hang your blackout poem in the library and post a picture to this Schoology page :)
Check out the Schoology page with access code: 2RMTJ-H9M5S!
Here's a sample Blackout Poem that I made from a page of my favorite novel, The Great Gatsby: