Research is more than finding the right answer. 
Your information MUST come from credible, reliable, and authoritative sources.
When assessing information resources, please consider the following:
AUTHORITY -- who is providing the information?  Is this person/group/organization considered expert in the field?  Does he/she/they have the credentials to support their authority?
OBJECTIVITY -- is the information biased?  Is the bias recognizable?  Does the bias affect the usefullness of the information? 
PURPOSE -- what is the purpose of the website?  Is it to inform and teach; to persuade you to do something; to sell something?
Remember, Wikipedia is not your friend in academic research.  According to the Wikipedia website, "Anyone can be bold and edit an existing article or create a new one, and volunteers do not need to have any formal training
Academic research demands that information come from authoritative sources that offer both accurate and reliable information.