Online Databases
These databases are accessible from the library and home.
If you plan on accessing a database from home, please request the database password from a librarian.
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  • American Government Resources
    • Articles
    • Images
    • Maps
    • Video/Audio
  • American History Resources
    • Articles
    • Biographies
    • Timelines
    • Primary Resources
  • Online Novels for Students
  •  Comprehensive literature guides
  • World Biographies
  • Sports Marketing
  • Popular Controversies
  • Science Encyclopedias
  • and more eBooks!
  • Multiple encyclopedias
    • Search reults divided by grade level
  • Atlas
  • Directory of fact-checked websites
Infobase Learning 
Includes the following databases:
  • Bloom's Literary Reference Online
A conglomerate database that searches over thirty-five different databases. When doing a search on NOVEL you can pick and choose which of the database you wish to use. Some of the available databases are:
  • Business and Company ASAP
  • Pop Culture Collection
  • Communications and Mass Media Collection
  • Religion and Philosophy Collection
  • Custom Newspapers
  • General Science Collection
  • Popular Magazines
  • and more!
  • Topical viewpoints
  • Search results include: newspapers, magazines, journals, reference material, statistics and maps
  • High School Encyclopedia that encompasses historical topics, literature, current events, science and more.
Understanding Issues
  •  Articles and viewpoints about controversial issues.
  • Detailed encyclopedia entries
  • Biographies
  • Citation builder
  • Timelines
  • Early world history issues
  • Articles
  • Maps
  • Images and more
  • Modern world history issues
  • Articles
  • Maps
  • Images and more