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 Earth Science Advanced 
 OK - end strong
Last Review on Astronomy Monday @ 7am June 15th
You should be able to complete 2 more Regents' Exams by Next Friday
Regents Exam: Friday, June 19th @ 7:45 - Room 164 "Mr. Zwerling is your Proctor" 
Tuesday, June 2nd 
1:30-3pm in Room 141 
 Review May 26th & 28th @ 7am
Monday: 5/18/15: P. 302-310 Q 1-18
Tuesday: 5/19/15: P. 311-317 Q 19-30
Wednesday: 5/20/15: Study for Test on Weathering/Erosion/Deposition
(Hey, check out Thursday morning's review)
Over the Memorial Day weekend: Finish all of June '14 & I would complete another Regents of your choice. Also, P. 26-31: Q 19-30
Monday: 5/11/15: P. 186-195: Q 11-29
Tuesday: 5/12/15: Lab 5-1 vocab
Wednesday: 5/13/15: P. 202-204: Q 1-4
Thursday: 5/14/15: P. 204-207: Q 5-14
Friday: 5/15/15: P. 207-211: Q 15-25 
Monday: 5/4/15: finish all parts of 5-2 & p. 284-287: Q 21-36 (Quiz on Vocab Tuesday)
Tuesday: 5/5/15: finish all parts of 5-5 & p. 288-290: Q37-46
Wednesday: 5/6/15: Part C on separate sheet of paper
Thursday: 5/7/15: Study for TEST on Friday 
Friday: 5/8/15: TEST on Castlelearning due 8am Monday morning 
Monday, 4/27/15: Work on Lab 5-1
Tuesday, 4/28/15: Finish all of Lab 5-1
Wednesday, 4/29/15: Pages 281-285: Q 8-20
Thursday, 4/30/15: Finish all of Lab 5-2 
Friday, 5/1/15: Pages 291-295: Q 47-52
Monday, 4/20/15:  Test Signed + improvement plan, Stapled worksheet
Tuesday, 4/21/15: I'm out (double period), so by Wednesday - Topic 12: Parts A, B, & C, the worksheet titled, "P & S - Wave Worksheet", & Lab 4-5 Procedure A
Wednesday, 4/22/15: Read, highlight, annotate, & reread again pages 277-281: Q 1-7
Thursday, 4/23/15: Vocabulary to Lab 5-1
Monday, 4/13/15:  Vocab Lab 4-5 & read, highlight, annotate and reread again pgs. 246-255 Q 9-28.
Tuesday, 4/14/15: Finish Lab 4-5 & read, highlight, annotate and reread again pgs. 246-255 Q 9-28.
Wednesday, 4/14/15: Create an outline
Thursday, 4/15/15: Use the outline to help study for the Tri-Quarterly 
Monday, 3/23/15: Read, highlight, annotate, & reread again pages 243-246: Q 1-8 -- Test Corrections with signature due Wednesday
Tuesday, 3/24/15: Read, highlight, annotate, & reread again pages 255-259: Q 29-41 -- Test Corrections with signature due Wednesday
Wednesday, 3/25/15: Read, highlight, annotate, & reread again pages 259-270: Q 42-68
Thursday, 3/26/15: Same as Wednesday (long assignment = 2 days:)
Friday, 3/27/15: finish questions to Labs 4-7 & 4-2
Monday, 3/30/15: Vocab for Lab 4-4
Tuesday, 3/31/15: I'm going to the Cradle of Aviation; You're completing all of Lab 4-4 --  HW CHECK NIGHT: Make sure ALL parts of Labs 4-2, 4-4, & 4-7 that have been assigned are complete.
OVER SPRING RECESS: Print or obtain a copy of the June 2014 Earth Science Regents
1. Identify what questions we have covered
2. Answer them to the best of your ability 
Monday, 3/16/15: Part C - Q 31-43
Tuesday, 3/17/15: Finish lab 2-5 & study for Metamorphic quiz
Wednesday, 3/18/15: Part B - Q 16-30
Thursday, 3/19/15: CL Review test & study for Mineral & Rock test on Friday
Friday, (over weekend): TOPIC 9 - Weathering & Erosion; Read, highlight, & annotate and reread again pgs. 181-186, then answer questions 1-10 (count as quiz???) 
Monday, 3/9/15: worksheet & study for quiz
Tuesday, 3/10/15: study for quiz & finish lab 2-3
Wednesday, 3/11/15: Study for another short quiz and finish wkst
Thursday, 3/12/15: Read, highlight, & annotate wkbk pgs 224-226. Complete discussion questions on Sedimentary rock lab 2-4.
Friday (over weekend): Read, highlight, & annotate wkbk pgs 228-232. Make sure all questions are complete 16-37: Finish lab 2-4 and study for quiz on sed rocks
Monday, 3/2/15: worksheet(s) & get ready for presentation
Tuesday, 3/3/15: worksheet(s)
Wednesday, 3/4/15: vocab lab 2-3 & study for quiz
Thursday, 3/5/15: Answer discussion questions to lab 2-3 
Monday, 2/23/15: Read, highlight, annotate, and reread pgs 218-223: Q 1-15
Tuesday, 2/24/15: Read, highlight, annotate, and reread pgs 234-237: Q 38-47
Wednesday, 2/25/15: Finish lab 2-2 
Thursday, 2/26/15: Read, highlight, annotate, and reread pgs 226-228: Q on p. 232 Q 16-29
Science Fair Boards and final write-up is due Friday 
Over weekend - nothing, except do something nice for someone 
How do you access old Castlelearning assigments?
Click on Review--> then click on Assignments from your teacher:)
                                   - CASTLELEARNING TEST - as of Monday (2/16) only 4 students 
                                     completed the test. Pace yourself and remember it's open book, 
                                     internet, etc...
Tuesday, February 3rd: Read & highlight pages 160-165: Q 1-25
Wednesday, February 4th: finish wksts (operation success tomorrow)
Thursday, February 5th: Vocab Lab 7-6, wksts
Friday, February 6th: Science Fair 
Take Home TEST - Due Wednesday, January 28 at 8am on Topic 8 & assorted review questions for the midterm. I will open the test earlier than Friday, January 23rd so you are not so overwhelmed during the weekend studying. Stay tuned...
MIDTERM - Thursday, January 29 
Tuesday, January 20: Vocab. L-7-8 + TAKE HOME TEST
Wednesday, January 21: Wksts + vocab L-7-3 + TAKE HOME TEST
Thursday, January 22: finish L-7-3 + vocab L-7-10 + test corrects due Friday
Over the next 4 days (24-27): TAKE HOME TEST 
Monday, January 12: Part C - 29-41 on separate paper if needed
Tuesday, January 13: Parts A & B
Wednesday, January 14: Study for Test on Thursday
Thursday, January 15: Pgs 165-174 Q 26-61
Friday, January 16 (over weekend): Continue and Finish Pgs 165-174: Q 26-61 
Monday, January 5, 2015 - Lab 6-5 Procedure A + Castlearning
Tuesday, January 6 - P. 144-147 Q 61-69 + Castlelearning
Wednesday, January 7 - Lab 6-5 Procedures B & C + Castlearning
Thursday, January 8 - P. 147-151 Q 70-77 + Vocab Lab 6-6 & 6-5
Friday, January 9 - P. 152-154 Q 78-87 + Castlelearning Assignment due Monday
TEST-Friday, 12/19/14
Monday, 12/15/14: Read, highlight, annotate, & reread pages 137-143. Q 36-60
Tuesday, 12/16/14: Lab 6-4 Procedure A-D (no discussion questions)
Wednesday, 12/17/14: Worksheets
Thursday, 12/18/14: Possible worksheet & STUDY for Test
Sci Fair REDO due on Friday: Follow the DIRECTIONS!!! 
The question is, will I follow the directions for YOUR chocolate chip cookies?
Over the Break: Science Fair Experiment!!! Castlelearning will be assigned on Monday, Jan 5th.
Enjoy the time off!
Monday, 12/8/14: Read, highlight, annotate, & reread pages 131-133. Q 18-24
Tuesday, 12/9/14: Read, highlight, annotate, & reread pages 133-136. Q 25-35
Wednesday, 12/10/14: Vocab for Laboratory 6-1
Thursday, 12/11/14: Just work on Science Fair Project (Remember to bring your jackets on Friday. We're going outside to do Lab 6-4).
Over the weekend: Materials & Procedure for Science Fair Project must be stapled together with the Background research and References.
Monday, 12/1/14: Finish Lab P-3
Tuesday, 12/2/14: Finish Lab P-3 (It's just Anthony, Nick, Caroline & Dr. Maser -- Everyone else is on a trip:)
Wednesday, 12/3/14: pgs 26-27: Q 31-34 & 128-129: Q 8-17
Thursday, 12/4/14: Finish Lab "Layers of Atmosphere"
Over the weekend: Again, the background and references. Please have someone proof read it, PLEASE:)
Monday, 11/24/14: Read, reread, highlight, and annotate pages p. 116-119: Q 39-48
Tuesday, 11/25/14: Actively study - Test Tomorrow on Topic 6
Over Thanksgiving Break: Science Fair Project
Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!!! 
Dr. Maser's Statement: While everyone may have done really well the first quarter, remember - we did test corrections for three exams. This can give us a FALSE sense of security with regard to knowing the material. Don't rely on test corrections.
Moving forward => Make sure you listen to all the directions given and do your BEST on the labs, Castlelearning, & assignments from the workbook. Homework must be done! I was unpleasantly surprised today at how many people did not finish the homework or complete the labs correctly.
Background Research was also due last Wednesday, so... hopefully it is done. 
Let's keep it POSITIVE and do the best that we can, ALL the Time!!! 
I am here to answer any of your questions! If I can do anything at all, let me know:)
Monday, 11/17/14: TEST Tomorrow, ACTIVELY Study!
Tuesday, 11/18/14: Read, reread, highlight, & annotate pages 100-105: Q 1-10
Wednesday, 11/19/14: Read, reread, highlight, & annotate pages 105-111: Q 11-31 
Thursday, 11/20/14: Read, reread, highlight, & annotate pages 112-115: Q 32-38
Friday, 11/21/14: Part C = 29-37 written out
Monday, 11/10/14: Read, reread, highlight, & annotate pages 90-94: Q 31-48
                                 All questions in Topic 5 should be done (1-48).
Tuesday, 11/11/14: Veteran's Day (No School)
Wednesday, 11/12/14: Castlelearning assignment due on Thursday
Thursday, 11/13/14: Finish lab P-6
Friday, 11/14/14: Write out full answers to Topic 5, Part C questions 29-33. 
Wednesday, 11/5/14: Read, reread, annotate, & highlight pages 82-85; Q 1-11
Thursday, 11/6/14: Read, reread, annotate, & highlight pages 85-87; Q 12-24
Over weekend, 11/7/14: TBA 
Quarterly is this Wednesday, October 29th 
Monday, 10/27/14: Work on Castlelearning (13 spooky questions) - must be done by 
                                  Get test signed and complete test corrections 
Tuesday, 10/28/14: Study for Quarterly
Wednesday, 10/29/14:  Buy Workbook & work on Science Fair Project.
Thursday, 10/30/14: Test corrections/signed for a homework grade only.
                                    No adjustment of grade.
Friday, 10/31/14: HAPPY HOLLOWEEN 
Monday, 10/20/14: CL 25 questions must be done by Tuesday to use for review:)
Tuesday, 10/21/14: Use CL to study; use a non-portable device so you can go back in.
Finish all worksheets that are not done. Not the packet, though:) STUDY
Wednesday, 10/22/14: All of packet (A, B, & C) must be completed. B & C should be written on looseleaf. STUDY
Thursday, 10/23/14: Study for test on Friday.
Friday, 10/24/14
Tuesday, 10/14/14: worksheet
Wednesday, 10/15/14: Finish Lab Moon Phases (Nope, change of plans. We'll complete this in class. I want everyone to take a look at their test.)
Thursday, 10/16/14: Test corrections and signed due Friday
Friday, 10/17/14: Science Fair
Monday, 10/6/14Buy lab book, Quiz tomorrow on/from textbook chapt 25, “Packet” p. 63-65, #’s 15-19
Tuesday, 10/7/14: "Packet" p. 65-68, #'s 20-27
Wednesday, 10/8/14: CL due on Thursday; FRIDAY:)
Thursday, 10/8/14: Create Study card
Friday, 10/3/14: Science Fair (3 Topic Ideas) must be done by Monday
Monday, 9/29/14: Finish all of Lab 8-5
Tuesday, 9/30/14: Wkst(s) 
Wednesday, 10/1/14: Lab - Lat/Long
Thursday, 10/2/14: Castlelearning (Yes, this is due on Friday:)
                                                  Read Textbook pages 628-641; add any additional info to your notes
Friday, 10/3/14:
Next Test - Friday, October 12th

Let’s all wear a Blue Shirt in solidarity to make 10-6-14 the day that bullying prevention is heard around the world.


Monday, 9/22/14: Castlelearning due 8am Monday 9/29/14
                               Test Corrections/Test Signed
Tuesday, 9/23/14: vocab for lab 8-5 
Wednesday, 9/24/14: Castlelearning & Science Fair Assignment
Thursday, 9/25/14: no school
Friday, 9/26/14: no school
Monday, 9/15/14: Castlelearning due 8am Tuesday morning.
Tuesday, 9/16/14: worksheet
Wednesday, 9/17/14: Complete all of Lab 8-3; possible worksheet   
Thursday, 9/18/14: Study for TEST; Please put the important information from notes, worksheets, quizzes, castlelearning, etc.. on a 5 x 7 index card:) Finish Lab 8-3
You guys Rock: remember = 2 pencils, 2 pens, calculator, & ESRT
Nice and relaxed. Just do your best.
Friday, 9/19/14: You should be thinking about your science fair project:)
In an effort to make sure everyone knows how serious I am about seeing me for any issues or problems you have (and to make sure you are using my webpage:) I will give whoever comes and sees me, in my office, prior to period 1 will earn 10pts on Friday's Quiz.
All you have to do is give me a high five and you will have earned 10pts!
This offer is good for Thursday & Friday only (9/11 & 9/12). 
Monday, 9/8/14: Lab 8-8 - Procedure 1a) Use Data Chart 1& Plot
Tuesday, 9/9/14: Finish charts 1, 2, 3, & 4; possible worksheet 
Wednesday, 9/10/14: Complete all of Lab 8-8; possible worksheet   
Thursday, 9/11/14: Study for quiz & castlelearning assignment due Tuesday 8am 
Friday, 9/12/14:castlelearning assignment due Tuesday 8am   
Tuesday, 9/2/14: Print out Grade Expectation Sheet from Main Science Webpage and get signed. Read, study, and get lab safety procedures sheet signed. Study for lab safety QUIZ ON WEDNESDAY.
Wednesday, 9/3/14: Vocab for Lab 8-8   
Thursday, 9/4/14: Make sure Lab P-2 "Sunspot Analysis" is completed.
Friday, 9/5/14: Nothing right now, but if you have any ideas... lol
Must be stapled prior to coming to class.
The signed scantron must be stapled to the top of the corrections.
You're adjusted score must be written on the scantron.
1st Sentence: Write the question with the correct answer.

If there is a diagram or graph, sketch/draw it.

2nd, 3rd, & 4th Sentence

For each of the incorrect answers, create a sentence describing how/why the answer was not the best choice.