Dr. B. Ramharack, Chairperson of Social Studies, Business & Technology
Phone: 516-488-9200
Room 247   
Welcome to my web page
I teach Advanced Placement Human Geography during Periods 1 and 4. Students in my class may contact me at any time during the day, preferably before Period 1 in Room 243.
1) As a reminder, you should purchase your Princeton Review "Cracking the AP Human Geography Exam (2014)" by December 16. All Marble Notebooks with your article summary are due on Thursdays. As a reminder, your marble notebook should have a short summary of the article (no more than 3-4 sentences), but the bulk of the analysis should include a minimum of three human geography words, you should provide examples from the article and give as much details as possible.
2) Chapter Outlines must be handed in on time. They are generally due every 2 weeks. 

3) The key to gaining college credit in this course is to study hard and have fun as you learn. The work must be done. Review the chapter outlines and notes before every test. You should also consider forming study groups and study together with your colleagues.

Please encourage your child to study as hard as they can. The AP College Board exam is administered in May 2014. Students will have to attend after school review classes in March, April and May. There are two mandatory practice exams scheduled in April and May. Please make sure your child attend the review classes and take the practice exams. 
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.